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Welcome to the world of William & Sterling

Our brand promise is to offer high-quality products with a balanced mixture of functionality, quality and timeless designs.

At William & Sterling, we maintain a sense of class by adding classical patterns into our designs. We combine our patterns with subtle colour combinations that are in-line with time. We only settle for the best value and source fair trade supplies from globally and socially responsible suppliers.

Our journey started with a plan to design and create accessories that should be on the market, but isn’t. Generally, we found the current products to be okay/good, but not impeccable. Shortly, we noticed that this was an issue many people felt and hence the demand was clear. Early on, we decided to tackle the problem of no-show socks rolling of the feet, and eight months later, the result was astonishing. We managed to develop what are probably the best no-show socks on the market.

We then decided to expand our collection with a new category, the half-calf collection. This collection offers designer socks made by high quality materials, woven to a perfect length. Each sock is dressed with a golden button made in brass, to mark the quality and excellence this collection represents.

But don't take our word for it, wear a pair and see for yourself!

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