Findroommate Affiliateprogram

115 kr
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Findroommate is a housing site where people in general and students/young working adults in particular come to find housing

What sets Findroommate apart from other housing sites is that, in addition to renting rooms directly from landlords, users are also offered the option to "team up" with other roommates on the site and then rent whole apartments or houses together.

Following our success in Denmark, the brand is currently growing quickly in Sweden, both in terms of room inventory and new members.

Our compelling 3-day trial and recurring monthly subscription results in great conversion rates and high order value - offering you a great opportunity cash in on the current Swedish housing crisis while at the same time helping people find a home.

Generous CPAs, 45-day cookies, a large and fast-growing room inventory as well as our continuous effort to optimize the entire sales funnel makes this a long-term opportunity for anyone with the resources to reach a young Swedish target audience.

Findroommate er en del av Affiliate Network, et av de største nordiske affiliate-nettverk. Bli en utgiver i dag og få adgang til Findroommate og hundrevis av andre affiliateprogrammer.

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