Affiliate payout bonus

Written by Dejan Spasenoski

From February 1, 2015 is introducing a payout bonus for all our affiliates. We want to reward all our loyal affiliates who work hard so you get even bigger payouts!

Affiliates that work hard should be rewarded for their efforts. That is why we at are introducing our payout bonus. Our advertisers offers the highest commissions to affiliates. In addition to the high commission, the payout bonus is yet another way for us to reward our affiliates.

The payout bonus looks like this:

Earned per calendar monthBonus on the next payment
10 000 SEK500 SEK
25 000 SEK1 250 SEK
50 000 SEK2 500 SEK
100 000 SEK5 000 SEK

The bonus payment is calculated per calendar month and is currently i SEK. If you earn between 10 000 - 24 999 SEK a given calendar month, for example in February, then you automatically get a 500 SEK bonus from on your next payout in March. To get to the next bonus level of 1 250 SEK you need to earn between 25 000 - 49 999 SEK and so on.

The bonus is added to your account automatically as soon as you get up in a bonus level.

This post was updated 2016-04-15