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Welcome to Wknd Edit - home of crafted Peshtemal for home, bath, and travel. Inspired by Mediterranean colors and patterns, I´m sure you´ll fall in love with our Peshtemal and that you´ll want to decorate your home with them and bring with you on all your travels, whether it´s to the beach, stargazing, hiking or camping.

About our ambassador program
Shopping today have to be smart and sustainable. That´s why we´ve started our ambassador program, #livesmart, and we need your help to spread our campaign.

Please email us for your own unique discount code, 25%, in case you wish to buy a Peshtemal. If you would like to run a giveaway, please email info@wkndedit.com for details.

Every post with our Peshtemal that has the tag #livesmart will be reposted at our social channels, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

All our Peshtemal are eco-friendly, sustainable and versatile. You can use them as a highly absorbent towel, a lightweight and compact travel accessory, a decorative and cozy throw, or a stylish sarong. Some even use them as bags. Or table cloth.

Join our program today and help us spread the word #livesmart to the world. It´s never too late to make smart shopping choices.

About our Peshtemal
Our Peshtemals are more or less handmade, crafted by artisans, dedicated to tradition, and passionate about spreading the culture behind Peshtemals. As you probably know, they have been used for more than 600- years in Turkish hammam baths, and still today remain as a cultural icon that has entered to be a trendy piece in fashion and interior.

Depending on how the Peshtemal is vowed, the way to use it can vary. For instance, flat and loose woven Peshtemals are perfect for bathroom and beach use. Double and tightly woven Peshtemal is ideal as throws as well as towels. Many of our Peshtemals also have an opposite design on the back.

We are extremely selective with our material, by choosing the very best of the famous Turkish cotton in the process of making these, so the quality is superior and they last for many years.

Every month we add new pieces to our webshop, so make sure to sign-up to our newsletter to be the first to know.

Our ambassador program is based on a provision based affiliate system:
Basic: 8% per conversion.
11 -25 orders - 10% in provision.
25 orders and more: 12%

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