Taxijakt Affiliate-Programm

25 kr

Taxijakt is a service for ordering best price taxi with fixed price and price guarantee all around Sweden.

The customer selects origin and destination and gets a fixed price directly in the app or on The customer can also call to make their order by phone on 0771-90 00 00 open 24/7 every day of the year.

Taxi companies connects their cars to Taxijakt and when a customer makes an order requests are sent to the closest cars. The driver who accepts the fixed price will get the order and goes and pickup the customer.

Taxijakt ist Teil des Netzwerks, einem der größten nordischen Affiliate- Netzwerke. Werden Sie noch heute ein Herausgeber und erhalten Sie Zugang zu Taxijakt und Hunderten von anderen Affiliate-Programmen.

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