Snowbox Affiliate-Programm

60 kr

Swedish women spend thousands every year on jewelry that never gets worn or quickly goes out of style. With Snowbox they can spend significantly less and get access to more jewelry than ever before.

Snowbox is a membership service that gives you access to a rotating selection of designer jewelry for only 199kr/month. Snowbox members receive a curated box with three pieces of jewelry from well-known designers in the beginning of the month. By the end of the month they can keep, buy or swap any piece of jewelry for a new box.

We give our members exclusive access to a vast selection of jewelry for a fraction of the price it would cost to purchase in store. This is possible through our unique subscription-model, which is completely new in Scandinavian market and in sync with trends in sharing economy, sustainability and mystery-box subscriptions.

Snowbox ist Teil des Netzwerks, einem der größten nordischen Affiliate- Netzwerke. Werden Sie noch heute ein Herausgeber und erhalten Sie Zugang zu Snowbox und Hunderten von anderen Affiliate-Programmen.

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