5% sells jewelry and interior on the web. We choose carefully among good designers / brands and want to work with originals, not copies. Buy less but feel richer when choosing the right things.

We want our interior details to be beautiful but have a feature. It will enrich everyday life, festivals that you rarely use is not our thing.

Jewelery has no function, you can live without jewelry. But jewelry often symbolizes something valuable. As memories of an important day or event in life. Therefore, we only work with jewelry in steel or genuine silver. Good nickel-free material as at that time is nice to the wallet.

We value for is locally produced, we have amazing designers in Sweden. We like those who take into account the environment and working conditions of those who manufacture.

We feel that our customers share these values. er en del af Double.nets partnernetværk, et af de største nordiske partnernetværk Bliv en udgiver i dag og få adgang til og hundredvis af andre affiliate programs.

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